Learning & Development

One of the big challenge of our organization right now is developing our people with the right program which supports organization goals and strategies. This is the question we need to answer. If our people are truly our greatest asset and are the key of the competitive advantage, we must have the mechanism to enhance their capabilities and provide right opportunities for learning and development. 


Training Program Duration Participant
Basic Mentatlity: a Path to High Performance 2 days All Employees (Max 25)
Service Excellent to High Performance Productivity 2 days All Employees (Max 25)
Servant Leaders Boot Camp 3 days Supervisor Up (Max 20)
Effective Coaching to High Employee Performance Productivity 2 days All Employees (Max 25)
Continuous Improvement to High Organisation Growth 2 days All Employees (Max 25)

Also, another thing to be concerned by organization is that no matter how good your people are, especially your top people, the emerging talent need to be in step with your strategy and the right process in delivering the best result. 

UniEX Consulting helps clients in developing their people with talent management system based competency approach and customized training program to support the business strategies

Training Program Duration Participant
Creating Entrepreneurial Spirit at Work 1 days All Employees (Max 30)
Professional Selling Skill 2 days Sales Function (Max 20)
Individual Financial Planning 1 day All Employees (Max 25)
Retirement Preparation 1 day All Employees (Max 25)
Team Building by Cooking Challenge 1 day All Employees (Max 25)