About Uniex Consulting


UNIEX CONSULTING is a global management consulting company that works with leaders in organization to transform target & business strategies in to productivity and business growth. We develop human capital in organization to be more effective and understand their needs to achieve their goals, not only in productivity and profitability, but also in developing talent, maximize people development, mature organization and conducive environment to work.

UNIEX CONSULTING is established since 2004 that started from education consultancy and training for education institution and growing to be divisions in certain areas of business strategies and human capital. We continuously keep changes with business practices, human capital and doing some researches of people development tools that simple, useful, profitable and can afford user needs to achieve their business goals.



To be impacting consulting firm in global world for dynamic & growing company which sustainable to that business, process & people issues.



To solve the unsolved challenges creatively by fear of God



To work with clients with the right quality and process, and build a bridge between strategy and reality


Corporate Values

United and Freedom to Work
Nurture in Helping Customers
Intimacy and Care to all Customers & Community
EXcellence in Quality & Service