Corporate Social Resposibility

Our commitment to social responsibility stems from the belief that we are a part of the communities we serve, making us as committed to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as we are dedicated to providing the best in communications. Giving back is a fundamental aspect of UniEX’s identity and values.

We embrace causes that most affect people’s lives every day; especially in education, cultural activities, community development and empowering people through offering career opportunities and continuous skilled training. What could be more rewarding than making a positive contribution that makes a community smile!

In Indonesia, we especially partnership with Yayasan Persada Bangun Bangsa to reach out to young people to find their life purpose, find out the potentials and nourishing their capacities so they can give impact to their community and society.

UniEX CSR Program :

• Free Career Seminar : Seize Your Future

• Leadership Coaching for Youth

• Internship Program

• School Visitation for education & entrepreneurship

• Home of Reading