Assessment Center

UniEX Consulting helps you to find the right candidates for your company to work. We provide assessment tools to measure some aspect who help someone to be succeed at work. You also can use the assessment tools to portrait your talent, promotion and preparing your organisation’s next future leaders.

Product Assessment  Objective
Psychological Test for Recruitment & Selection Has a brief picture for hiring decision making of the job position applied
Employee Reliability Inventory Assessment Determine which individuals are most likely to become valued employees rather than organizational liabilities. The ERI results are designed to assist you in reducing: Turnover, Absenteeism, Work-related accidents, and Theft.
Individual Strength Finder Assessment Measures you on nine strength Roles and reveals your top two. These two roles are where you will make your greatest contribution
Assessment Center for Talent Portrait & Promotion
  • Has a brief picture of candidate’s success level in a higher position
  • A portrait of career framework of the candidate in organization